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Petri Loikala
Kimmo Ahlroos
Kai Lammervo
Matti Sarapaltio
Sande Vettenranta

Timo Halonen, guitars

Timo plays guitar again after a ten years break. He has developed a unique two-finger -technique, because his fingers injured in a saw accident. Timo´s music style is a mixture of groove music, soul jazz and rhythm&blues. Playing guitar in a groove band is a good freetime hobby to Timo. His "real" job is to take care of big construction projects. Timo plays handmade and high-class Juha Ruokangas -guitars. Timo is also a collector of old music instruments. Such names as Gibson, Fender, Marshall and Hammond manufactured in 50´s and 60´s are wanted marks among collectors all over the world. Timo has many of them.


Kimmo "Axu" Ahlroos, drums

Kimmo studies music in Pop & Jazz conservatory in Helsinki. He is already now a very talented drummer and in spite of his young age he is interested in groove music of late 60´s. Kimmo plays Kumu handmade drums.


Sande Vettenranta, drums



Petri Loikala, bass

Petri is a professional bass player. A man of few words, but takes care of his job with high intensity.


Kai Lammervo, keyboards

Very often you can find Kai in Piano Bar of Storyville (Helsinki). Not by a beer, but behind a piano...

Matti Sarapaltio, sax

"Saara" is well known by every musician in Helsinki. A legendary person who occasionally joins Big Bore to fill the stage.